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Recent Research Discovers Potential New Cataract Treatment

A cataract forms when proteins accumulate, malform and clump together. This is what causes the clouding over of the transparent lens of the eye resulting in blurred vision, halos at night, and having to reach for eyeglasses more often. Ever since cataract treatment entered the modern era, research has continually ramped up to find the… Read More

The evolving role of the laser in eye surgery

It’s been quite some time since the laser moved from science fiction to “science truth,” so to speak. Today laser surgery is routine at our Dallas/Fort Worth practice, and more patients seem to be familiar with it than ever before. The first laser was approved for LASIK eye surgery in 1998. While surgeons still had… Read More

What to expect when considering LASIK

If you’ve ever considered LASIK here in Dallas / Fort Worth, the first thought might have been, “what can I expect?” Like a lot of medical procedures, LASIK surgery has advanced and improved over the years. Today, LASIK is allowing more patients to become less dependent on glasses or contact lenses. It’s not uncommon for… Read More

Dr. Labor speaks about cataract surgery innovation in Society Life magazine

Anyone who is a potential cataract patient will find the October 2011 edition of Society Life Magazine of interest. In a “Doctor Is In” story, Eye Consultants of Texas founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD speaks about the latest in cataract surgery innovation. Dr. Labor remains at the forefront of new technologies for all eye conditions… Read More

World class eye care available in your backyard

Over the years, Eye Consultants of Texas has been the first to introduce new technologies, treatments or procedures to Dallas/Fort Worth. Thanks to founder Phillips Kirk Labor’s devotion to offering his patients the latest ophthalmic advancements, the practice has grown to become known as one of the area’s most innovative today. Dr. Labor is also… Read More

Offering interest-free, low monthly payments for vision care.

Eye Consultants of Texas is proud to offer financing through CareCredit®, a credit card exclusively for healthcare services. Through CareCredit, you can get 24 months no interest with low monthly payment plans for procedures not usually covered by insurance. Typically this includes LASIK, but can also include the cost of our Premium Smart Lenses as… Read More