ALLY™ Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

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A decade ago, Eye Consultants of Texas introduced femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) technology to our Fort Worth and Grapevine patients. This has allowed us to enhance safety and provide greater potential for more precise cataract surgery results. When femtosecond technology became FDA-approved for cataract surgery, we chose the LENSAR Laser System, which we believe represents the safest, most precise available for patients seeking laser cataract surgery.

We are now proud to offer the ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System, a next-generation version of this laser technology. The ALLY allows Dr. Labor to dynamically adjust the laser to more accurately personalize your treatment based on your individual visual needs. ALLY uses next-generation femtosecond laser technology, the same technology which has significantly improved LASIK surgery precision. This newer LENSAR platform allows for more precise treatment of your cataract, and very accurately address any astigmatism your eye may have with unprecedented precision.

How Ally Works

ALLY features a unique imaging system to create a 3-D view of your eye. This Augmented Reality imaging guides Dr. Labor when designing a treatment plan specifically tailored for your eye before, and even during, the cataract procedure, thereby reducing the need for corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) after surgery with higher precision than ever before. The precision ALLY provides, is crucial to how your new intraocular lens (IOL) will be positioned which, in turn, plays a role in determining your quality of vision after surgery.

The ALLY Laser system targets and treats the cataract more quickly, comfortably, and accurately, eliminating or reducing the need for additional ultrasonic energy to break it apart. This is important because it results in potentially fewer complications and a faster recovery.

How Is Ally Different Than Other Femtosecond Lasers?

  • Proprietary 3-D imaging technology that can help deliver more precise cataract surgery results
  • Ability to deliver LASIK-like visual outcomes for patients even with pre-existing astigmatism
  • The only femtosecond laser that can categorize your type of cataract leading to better outcomes
  • Provides greater patient comfort through an interface that mirror’s your eye’s natural shape
  • Treatment time is faster than any other laser technology available

In short, ALLY allows Dr. Labor to see your eye in more detail before using the laser to address your cataract and astigmatism (if present). Rather than merely removing the cataract, Dr. Labor knows more precisely how to personalize removal of your cataract, treat your astigmatism, and position your IOL. 

If you’re considering femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, think you may have issues with your vision because of cataracts, or may be unsure of why your quality of vision has been declining, schedule an appointment online. Or simply call our office in Grapevine at 817-410-2030. We can help determine if you have visually significant cataracts, and if so, discuss your best treatment options and determine if you’re a candidate for FLACS, all to help you begin the process of realizing your personal best vision.

“It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, here at Eye Consultants of Texas, we do windows.”