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Woman suffering from Dry EyeDry Eye Disease (also called Dry Eye Syndrome or Dry Eye) is a chronic condition caused by a lack of adequate tear production. To those who have it, it is simply a nagging discomfort that won’t go away. The eye may become itchy, scratchy, irritated, feel like something is in it, or just plain hurt. Redness and watery eyes are also common symptoms.

Eye Consultants of Texas has been diagnosing and treating Dallas/Fort Worth patients with dry eye symptoms since we opened in 2003. Over the years we’ve seen a gradual increase in Dry Eye patients, so in 2014, Dr. Labor founded Dry Eye Institutes of America™ as a specialty dry eye clinic.

About Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease occurs when your tear film breaks down (the thin film of tears that coats the surface of the eye). Tear film is designed to do much more for your eyes than just keep them moist and comfortable, it creates a smooth surface for light to pass through. It also nourishes the front of your eyes and protects against injury and infection.

In more recent years significantly more has been learned about Dry Eyes. Computers, smart phones, the environment and other factors are causing more Dry Eye sufferers than ever before. Although not life threatening, dry eyes can be debilitating with numerous causes, symptoms, and diagnostic challenges.

Once considered a simple irritation treated by over-the-counter eye drops, we now know Dry Eyes to be a complex condition requiring specialized focus. This has led to a number of advancements related to how it is identified, diagnosed, and treated, such as LipiView and LipiFlow.

New Light-Based Dry Eye Therapy

OptiLight, from Lumenis, is a truly unique, non-invasive light-based treatment for Dry Eyes we proudly offer. It uses precise, intense broad spectrum light to address inflammation due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the most common cause of Dry Eye Disease. The first and only Dry Eye light therapy available, this revolutionary new treatment has proven to be a game-changer for helping Dry Eye sufferers across the globe. Read More

Dry Eye Institutes of America™

Dry Eye Institutes of AmericaDry Eye Institutes of America™ (DEIA) is a separate arm within Eye Consultants of Texas solely focused on Dry Eye Disease. DEIA is at the forefront of a new wave of knowledge, treatments, and technologies that have come along in recent years.

DEIA is devoted to making the latest advancements more accessible to patients, and we are proud to be one of the first in the U.S. to offer this level of specialty.

As a DEIA patient, you have a doctor who is a trained Dry Eye specialist. Using advanced Dry Eye diagnostic tools, our doctors can accurately assess your causes and symptoms, and customize a treatment regimen to you. What’s more, your doctor is with you all the way to help you manage your treatment. Effectively managing your treatment is the best road to success.

Click below to visit the Dry Eye Institutes of America™ website. It includes a wealth of information about causes, symptoms and treatment options. There’s even an online test you can take to see if you may have this condition.

Dry Eye Institutes of America

While there is no cure, Dry Eyes is very common and easily treated the majority of the time. Our goal is to provide the absolute most effective treatment to help you live each day more productive and symptom-free.

If you suspect you have Dry Eyes, call DEIA direct at 817-488-3490. Or, if you prefer, call Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine at 817-410-2030 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment.