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LASIK Patient and National Geographic Cover Photographer, Nicholas Cahill

Nicholas Cahill Photography Testimonial

Cataract Patient – Envista

Dear Dr. Labor,

Thank you for the two surgeries that helped me clearly see our beautiful world. I didn’t realize how weak my eyes were.

Your clinic staff and nursing staff were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They made me feel very, very comfortable. I will certainly recommend your clinic to my friends.

Many blessings to you.

— Gay L.

LASIK Patient

Dr. Labor, thank you so much for being one of the kindest as well as professional doctors. I was very nervous not having gone through but one surgery in life, and that was when I had my daughter. Your calmness, voice and the caring way you spoke to the nurses and me while performing the LASIK surgery was truly what took all the anxiety and nervousness away for me. I work alongside many physicians as a RN myself, and I just want you to know from a patient’s and nurse’s perspective how much I was amazed at how kind you spoke to all of us in the room, and how much I appreciated your gentle professionalism.

There are not a lot of doctors like you right now. I am blessed that I was referred to the best by Dr. Zebrowski. I pray the Lord blesses everything that you do, and watches over you and your family.

Thank you & God Bless you!

— Angela J.

LASIK Patient

Dr. Kirk Labor, as an RN and a patient, I love this Dr. He is one of the most skilled surgeons I know. His skills are many. Not only LASIK but at one point he was doing more of a certain cataract lens (that I favor) than anyone in the world and I believe, still more than anyone in the U.S. He doesn’t advertise much—we just all know how wonderful he is. So many of my friends, medical friends, and all my family go to him for various issues. He helped my mom so much after I had taken her to three other Docs in town. They have a Dry Eye Clinic that is overseen by one of the few dry eye specialist I’ve meet, Dr. Parmer—love her! She was amazingly thorough and helped my 87 y/o Mom immensely. Dr. Harry Rosenthal takes care of my family’s retinal care at that office, but also has a Ft Worth office—love him—I swear he is a genius! Dr.Labor’s office is a bit of a drive, but so worth it!!

It is a long, very thorough exam, there is some new office staff, so be patient—they aren’t fast and they WILL turn you away if you are not a good candidate, but that is what you want. As a Military Nurse, I always say, these folks can land the plane! I’m not connected to this office in any way. They have just helped us so much and we are forever grateful to them.

Crown of Life School – Thank You

Dr. Labor,

Thank you so much for your generous donation and for attending our 2018 called to serve Gala. Crown of Life Lutheran School is beyond grateful for donors like you.

In His Service,
Rachel Varney

2018 Gala Committee Chair

Cataract Patients – Trulign

“To the TEAM at Eye Consultants of Texas and Lonestar Ambulatory Surgery Center:

Bert and I sincerely appreciate and thank Jennifer for the information she frequently and kindly provided to us during my eye surgeries. I truly appreciated her continuous checking and  explanations of the surgical procedure process. It is very comforting at a rather stressful time!  Will also brought much peace of mind to this journey. I felt his care and concern.. His follow up calls meant a lot to me,

Bert was very grateful for the numerous updates and assurances Jennifer provided while I was in surgery and recovery. It was very comforting for him to know how the surgery is proceeding, when the surgery is complete and my status while in recovery. Our eyes are so important to us and to be informed at each stage of the process is very reassuring. Bert also sincerely appreciate the detailed information Jennifer provided about the Trulign lens.

I was so very pleased to have received a personal follow up telephone call from Doctor Labor! It was very thoughtful of him to call me to be certain that everything was as it should be. Dr. Covey displayed professionalism and precise command of the OR which I loved. A blessing! I sincerely appreciated the next day follow up examinations and explanations provided by Dr. Patel. To the entire TEAM, very well done!!!

Again, thank you and all the staff for providing a positive experience for me and what you do for so many, I would not hesitate to recommend Eye Consultants of Texas.”

B & K

Cataract Patient – Nanoflex

“I want to acknowledge Faith and Sabrena (aka Princess). Since I manage the financial / insurance stuff, I had more interactions with them than Ted did. Both of them were very helpful. Faith changed an appointment in the hallway using her phone (I did not have to remind her who the patient was, she just knew!) I must say that Sabrena is my favorite only because we spent a lot of time together troubleshooting bank and insurance challenges. She is very professional and kind. I can’t close without emphasizing that Kelly is also a superstar. After experiencing difficulty reaching the main office we called the surgical center. Kelly apologized and explained that a lot of staff was out due to the flu. She then went above and beyond to help resolve our concerns.”

“P.S. Also, thank you Dr. Labor for your expertise and steady hand! “


Cataract Patient – Nanoflex

“My experience with Eye Consultants of Texas and Lonestar Ambulatory Surgery Center overall was very positive. Yes, there were a few rough spots, but the staff was very good at helping to smooth them over. Everyone demonstrated a sincere intent and genuine concern for providing the best possible patient care.

And there are a couple of individuals that I would like to acknowledge :

Starting in the front: Robin was always helpful, friendly, and professional. I’d like to note that it was great to see her wiping down the counter, pens, etc. Given the cold and flu season, I was impressed to see that awareness and response ability.

Magy was great! I first met her on her second day and she was a flurry of activity, managing her learning curve AND covering a lot of ground to help people. It has been great to watch her grow in her new role and confidence, over the past two weeks.

All the techs I interacted with were good, but two of the stand outs were Morgan and Vicki. Both demonstrated high level professionalism each time I required examinations for pre and or post op testing / measurements.

Dr. Patel deserves a shout out! He was very caring and provided good information and education. He was good at returning my calls on those occasions when I needed additional information.

And Rene, you were excellent! You were always relaxed and confident, moving and flowing to assist wherever and however you could.

On the Lonestar side, Kelly up front couldn’t have been more helpful and caring. My wife had a lot of questions that Kelly patiently answered or responded to get the answers.

Others in the back that deserve some kudos are, Will- he was excellent, very personable. And since I got to lay there while dilating, with nothing else to do beyond noticing what I noticed about staff interactions, I saw he was great with everyone… not just me. I’d give him a 10 but I deduct a point for the effort to remove his graffiti from my forehead. LOL!

I know there are others on the Lonestar side that should get some kudos, but I can’t remember all of them by name. Suffice to say that ALL were professional and very caring.

I know what to expect and where to turn with any help I need moving forward. Great demonstration of, “The power of the team!”

I look forward to seeing you next time I’m in… I know to bring my own coffee (wink)!

Please excuse and typos as I’m in the middle of one of my eye drop marathons! LOL!



LASIK Patient

“Finding an ophthalmology practice that accepts Bitcoin in addition to having a surgeon with an outstanding reputation that Dr. Phillips Kirk Labor has was a deciding factor in choosing Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine for my LASIK surgery.”


Cataract Patient – Crystalens

I have never written a letter to a doctor’s office before, I’m almost 63. I want you to applaud your entire office staff. I have never felt so welcomed and cared for, they treated me like I was their only patient. I was recovering from major back surgery and all of them came to my rescue. Sabrina gave me a ride home after surgery as I had no one to come to my aid. They all took special care of me. Please, please give every one of them a very special thank you from me.

— JoDe

Cataract – Crystalens

LASIK Results

Cataract – Crystalens

Kathleen’s LASIK Experience

Cataract Patient – ORA

Before the cataract surgery, my vision had gotten so bad that I could see only through my corrective lenses. This meant that I frequently tripped and fell or ran into obstacles that crossed my path outside my range of vision. As a result, I withdrew more and more into the relative safety of my home. Although this past year was hard, the surgeries have been successful. I am grateful that you all continued to pursue the best solutions for me in spite of my misgivings. Thank you very much!

— Cindy

Cataract Patient

I have had cataracts for some years. At the beginning of 2011, I experienced more and more difficulties with my vision. I couldn’t distinguish colors that were similar, and I had a lot of trouble driving at night, especially if it was not well illuminated.

I chose Crystalens, had my surgery in the summer, and have been extremely happy with the outcome. I no longer need glasses for everyday activities like watching television, sewing (even threading a needle), and reading books.

The staff has been very supportive, pleasant and helpful. Dr Labor has been excellent at addressing all of my questions and taking care of me as a patient. All in all it was a very easy procedure, handled very professionally with the highest respect for me as a person. I have and will continue to recommend Eye Consultants of Texas to my family and friends!

— Maria

Cataract Patient

I just returned from my appointment with Dr. Labor. I must express my sincerest thanks to such a wonderful staff. I was worried and concerned about my condition, but I left the clinic feeling blessed by how everyone I came in contact with treated me. Thank you. You all make a difference!

— Priscilla

Cataract Patient – Crystalens

Who knew after 80 you could see clearly again? Dr. Labor suggested that I go with Crystalens in my cataract surgery, and I can now see like I am young again. I am very happy I chose Dr. Labor as my eye surgeon!

— Jack

Cataract Patient – Crystalens

I had met Dr. Labor when I accompanied other family members to their appointments, and I was very impressed with the care they had received. So when I was diagnosed with cataracts, the choice was clear on which ophthalmologist to choose. After further evaluation of my cataracts, Dr. Labor suggested that I get Crystalens implants. Dr. Labor and his staff were very responsive to my concerns by being informative and extremely kind. I finally decided to go with Crystalens. The entire process was easy and painless; not what I had expected!

I can now read the day and date on my watch. It has been at least 10 years since I’ve been able to do that! The good part is that Crystalens only gets better with time; I can’t wait to find out what I will be able to see next. I am so happy with my decision and encourage others to do the same.

— Connie

LASIK Patient

If I would have known how easy my life would be after LASIK, I would have had the surgery a long time ago! I have been coaching for 28 years, and my glasses constantly got in the way. I had four pairs of glasses all for different purposes! I probably spent $1,000 a year on eye care. Dr. Labor and his team were very patient with me and listened to all of my concerns about LASIK. Thanks to Dr. Labor, I was able to successfully coach my team to three state championships and counting.

— Tim

LASIK Patient

I always knew I wanted to have LASIK, but I was apprehensive. Choosing to electively alter your vision is a huge decision! One of my colleagues had seen Dr. Labor and had a fabulous experience. She was so thrilled with her results that I decided to do a little research of my own. Eye Consultants of Texas has the latest technology and a proven track record of excellent results. I liked what I saw so much that I decided to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Sabrena (LASIK coordinator) was extremely thorough during my initial phone call and answered all of my endless questions. When I came to the office for my consultation, I was equally impressed. The lengthy process was efficient and thorough; and I felt like a patient, not a number. The techs, the optometrist and Dr. Labor were all considerate and professional. Sabrena was enthusiastic to help guide me through the process and ensure ALL of my questions were answered.

On the morning of the procedure, I was both nervous and excited. After my evaluation, I waited comfortably in my private exam room. The staff was genuinely concerned about my comfort, and frequently checked on me to make sure I had everything I needed. When it was time to go into the operating suite, Sabrena personally walked me into the room.

As they prepared me, Sabrena sat by my feet, rested her hand on my ankle, and narrated everything that was happening. This made a HUGE difference because I didn’t have to guess what was going on around me. I’m a firm believer in open, ongoing communication; and Sabrena and Dr. Labor both provided reassurance and information during the entire procedure.

The actual LASIK procedure was quick and relatively painless – I only felt pressure. Once it was complete, Sabrena walked me back to my private consultation room and made sure I was comfortable. I went home, took my prescribed medicine and slept for 6 hours. When I woke up, I could see the clock across the room for the first time ever!!!! It was amazing! The post-op discomfort was manageable and the results were priceless. My vision the next morning was 20/15.

I have since recommended Eye Consultants of Texas to all of my colleagues, family members and friends. The single biggest advantage to me is that I did not feel like a number. I truly believe the entire staff cares about each patient. I only wish I had done this sooner!

— Whitney

Cataract Patient

Dr. Labor aka the General.
Sabrina the Cheerleader.
Kelli somehow makes all the appointments happen.
Adrianna makes it all easy to understand.
Bonnie loves learning the clinical side; may replace the General one day.
Margarita greets us with a smile; loves protecting her flower pens.
Dr. Furr Olympic Gold in progress.
IRMA “blink blink blink” gentle touch removing the bandages.
Megan the Comforter “be still it’s ok.”
Jennifer – big brown eyes “are you ok?” Are you ok? Are you ok?”
Carol loves eye drops. “This is the last set I promise.”
Lauren made all the butterflies in my stomach fly away.
Tammy makes sure you leave with a smile.
Research Director (forgot his name), starts with a “B”. [The] next Dr. Salk?
One Big Happy Family

There are some names I forgot or did not get. One girl in particular, Dawn? Brooke? She escorted me on my 2nd visit I believe it was, and was very pleasant and professional, and [had] a great sense of humor. Excellent staff, excellent operation. Everyone I met seemed to love their job.


— Mike

Cataract Patient

Dr. Labor,

Both Ted and I wanted to let you know that we value your commitment to serving your patients with care and respect. We highly recommend your practice.

Since we both had cataract surgery last year, we had many follow up appointments with your staff. We liked everyone! Rene, Dr. Patel, Megan, Linda, Vicki, Vanessa, Robin, Kelly, Rebecca, Wil, and Carol. Please forgive us if we left anyone out but really EVERYONE that we had contact with provided excellent customer service. Your staff represents you well. 

Thank you for 20/20 eyesight and the joy of enhanced color!  All the best, Marji and Ted B.