Dr. Labor speaks about cataract surgery innovation in Society Life magazine

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Anyone who is a potential cataract patient will find the October 2011 edition of Society Life Magazine of interest. In a “Doctor Is In” story, Eye Consultants of Texas founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD speaks about the latest in cataract surgery innovation. Dr. Labor remains at the forefront of new technologies for all eye conditions and diseases, and respected internationally for his innovative refractive expertise here in metro Dallas – Fort worth.

The article touches on cataract basics – what a cataract is, its symptoms and that surgery is relatively simple. The focus, however, is about how this common age-related condition that affects millions of Americans has advanced more than ever before.

The article notes examples of cataract surgery advancements, explained in a way the average patient can understand, such as:

No-stitch Cataract Surgery: Dr. Labor has used this proven advancement for years, which can enhance results while minimizing discomfort. In an excerpt, the article states, “No-stitch surgery only requires a topical drop or gel anesthesia, as the cataract is broken up and removed using ultrasound – no injection, no stitches or eye patch required.”

The ORange®: Dr. Labor introduced this amazing new advancement in Dallas/Fort Worth – the world’s first technology that assesses vision quality during cataract surgery. He was the first eye surgeon in metro DFW to use the ORange®, and Eye Consultants of Texas was the first to offer it.

Premium Lens Implants: Eye Consultants of Texas offers the latest premium lens implants, which are crucial to achieving the best results for each patient. These include, ReSTOR®, Tecnis™, AcrySof® Toric and Crystalens®. Dr. Labor has been voted one of the top premium lens surgeons in the U.S. by Premier Surgeon, and has been selected by Bausch & Lomb to evaluate new technologies.

In another excerpt, the article summarizes what’s most important: “Choose a reputable, highly experienced cataract surgeon, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. The right surgeon wants you to feel comfortable long before you have your procedure.”