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Powerful Information About Crystalens and Free Brunch to Boot

Have you had a Crystalens implanted to treat cataracts or to treat other eye conditions? Are you considering Crystalens, or just thinking about it? Even if you’re an optometrist managing Crystalens patients, you don’t want to miss out on our Free Crystalens Workshop & Brunch. Here’s why: As one of the top Crystalens surgeons in the world, and… Read More

Examining online doctor reviews

Do you rely on ratings websites to choose a doctor? If so, how reliable is that information? You can find reviews for any business – from restaurants to dog groomers. Healthcare is a bit more sensitive, and there has been much debate over the usefulness of online doctor ratings. Some sites have been accused of manipulating reviews based… Read More

Dry eye success story: The doctor becomes the patient

Dr. Rebecca Miller joined Eye Consultants of Texas in 2012 as an optometrist on our staff. Under Dr. Labor, she has become more concentrated on treating Dry Eye Disease to help our Dallas/Fort Worth area patients find the most effective relief. Perhaps another reason for her focus on dry eyes: Dr. Miller suffers from severe… Read More

Premium smart lens patients the real stars of our latest video

Eye Consultants of Texas has just launched a new video featuring actual Fort Worth metro area patients telling their stories. These patients had premium smart lens implants as part of their cataract surgery or as a clear lens extraction. More specifically, these included Crystalens, ReSTOR and AcrySof Toric lens patients. The video was intentionally unscripted… Read More

Dr. Labor performs Crystalens procedure on someone very special

Recently, Phillips Kirk Labor, MD implanted Crystalens intraocular lenses in both eyes of a very important person: his wife. A respected physician herself, Dr. Penny Labor expected nothing less than excellence, and knew exactly who to trust. Here is her own firsthand account: Watch our Crystalens Surgery Results video to learn more! “Many people may… Read More