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iLASIK LogoEye Consultants of Texas uses the IFS™ Femtosecond Laser, designed to take LASIK to a new level of comfort and safety in Fort Worth and Metro DFW. iLASIK combines the IFS with VISX® technologies for an all laser procedure with greater precision. Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is one of the most innovative LASIK surgeons in Fort Worth and Dallas. He thoroughly understands the iLASIK advantages and performs these outpatient procedures in the comfort of our new Grapevine office.

LASIK TechnologyWhat is iLASIK?

iLASIK combines the best of all LASIK technology available to create a one-of-a-kind vision correction experience. With iLASIK, Dr. Labor is able to take a tech-savvy, personalized approach to LASIK surgery. Every iLASIK procedure is completely custom – meaning you get the best possible outcome. No more cookie-cutter procedures!

At Eye Consultants of Texas, we have seen amazing results from this procedure. During clinical trials, ninety-four percent of patients saw 20/20 or better six months after their laser vision correction surgery. If you are looking for a completely custom vision correction procedure and the best possible outcomes, iLASIK may be the procedure for you.

With the iLASIK procedure, you can benefit today from decades of technical refinement. Dr. Labor, or any of our doctors, will carefully determine if you’re a candidate and guide you through what you can expect. To learn more about iLASIK, visit

If you’re not a LASIK candidate, you may be a candidate for laser vision correction through surface ablation techniques, such as Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). You may also be a candidate for an implantable contact lens, such as Visian or Verisyse. Dr. Labor, or any of our doctors, can explain this in a way that’s informative and easy to understand.

Use our iLASIK Calculator to see how much you could save after getting rid of your glasses or contacts.