First in Texas to Use Revolutionary New Sedative for Cataract Surgery

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We now offer Dropless, no stitch, no patch, IV-Free cataract surgery

Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, recently became the first in Texas to use the MKO Melt, a new oral sedative designed to replace the IV normally required in cataract surgery – also called IV-Free cataract surgery.

This represents one of many cataract surgery innovations Eye Consultants of Texas has introduced to DFW over the years, allowing our patients to now have no drop, no stitch, no patch, and no IV cataract surgery.

The MKO Melt is a tablet that dissolves under the tongue within 2 to 5 minutes, giving patients the option of avoiding sedative by IV altogether. Like traditional IV sedatives used in cataract surgery, the MKO Melt allows patients to remain relaxed throughout the procedure. In addition, it’s common for an IV to add a little anxiety before surgery. Eliminating the IV altogether can have an added calming effect.

This revolutionary medication was developed by physicians and pharmacists working with Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, a proven leader in developing high-quality medicines at affordable prices. Imprimis also developed Dropless cataract surgery, another revolutionary technique Dr. Labor successfully performs on a routine basis.
The MKO Melt formula is a specific combination of three commonly used sedatives: Midazolam, Ketamine and Ondansetron (“MKO” for short).

Like any medication, not everyone is a candidate for this sedative, and some patients may require an IV. According an article in Ophthalmology Management online, ten physicians participated in a test with more than 1,000 patients taking the MKO Melt. Early returns reported no significant side effects. Some physicians report as many as 95% of patients taking the MKO Melt are able to have surgery without the use of an IV.

As one of the most trusted cataract surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Labor has a proven track record in successfully performing thousands of cataract procedures – from laser-assisted surgery, to no stitch, no patch, and Dropless procedures. Proudly, Eye Consultants of Texas can now add “no IV” cataract surgery to the many advanced options we offer to keep patients safer, more comfortable, and seeing better than they ever imagined.