Dr. Labor first in Dallas-Fort Worth to use unprecedented new cataract surgery lens implant.

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Eye Consultants of Texas is the first Dallas-Fort Worth practice to acquire the revolutionary RX Sight® Light Adjustable Lens™ (LAL), making Founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, the first eye surgeon in Dallas-Fort Worth to implant this amazing lens during cataract surgery. Using special photosensitive material developed by a Nobel Prize winning scientist, the LAL is the world’s first FDA approved lens of its kind.

The LAL is unprecedented because it allows Dr. Labor to adjust the lens power after cataract surgery using safe, non-invasive irradiated light. Another amazing feature is that Dr. Labor and the patient can actually preview these adjustments together, and fine tune until it meets that patient’s own personal visual requirements. Before this lens was available, doctors had to adjust for vision quality after surgery with glasses, contact lenses, or through further surgery.

Dr. Labor has an even bigger advantage when it comes to expertise on the LAL, as Eye Consultants of Texas was one of only 17 sites in America chosen to participate in its FDA clinical trials. “Our clinical trial participation allowed us to gain a great deal of early experience and expertise with this amazing new intraocular lens advancement. We’re very grateful to have that advantage, which positively impacts our effectiveness in implanting this lens today,” Dr. Labor said.

Dr. Labor, along with many notable eye surgeons, believes the LAL to be a cataract surgery game-changer like nothing before. “The ability to not just adjust, but customize vision quality after surgery will yield unprecedented advantages for patients in regards to vision quality.” he said.