Do you have a health savings account or a flex spening dollars? If that answer is a yes, you should think hard about using them before the end of the year. A health savings account is made to help people get the most benefit out of their pre tax dollars. Overall, this is known as a safety net for most people when it comes times to pay for healthcare. We know healthcare bills can add up quickly, so here at Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine, TX our staff wants to shed light on the importance of using these dollars.

Depending on the flex benefit, most need to be used before the end of the calendar year. With that being said, not using your benefits from your flex spending account means money is being tossed out of the window. We dont want that for you! Dr. Labor highly reccomends using your benefits not just for your wallet and financial gain but also for your eye health. By making an appointment at either of offices in Grapevine or Forth Worth, you will get a comprehensive eye exam with our technicians and optometirsts on staff. Our highly trained staff will ensure to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and also catch any diseases as early as possible. We have state of the art technology for both cataract and LASIK evaluations and will take all measures to ensure yout ehye safety.

If you would like to get further information on how to use your flex spending account or HSA funds before December 31st then please give our office a call at 817-410-2030.