Treating Cataracts Starts With Knowledge

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Cloudy or blurry vision is normal as the eyes age. It’s not uncommon for this to happen after age 59, but can occur earlier. It all starts with a thorough cataract evaluation at Eye Consultants of Texas. Cataracts is easily treated in most cases, and founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is a leading Dallas/Ft. Worth cataract specialist with expertise in “No-Stitch” cataract surgery.

No-Stitch cataract surgery breaks up and gently removes the cataract using ultrasound.  Unlike in the past, patient recovery time is faster, there is less need for glasses, and clearer vision is experienced in just days. In addition, Eye Consultants of Texas, serving the Dallas and Fort Worth region, offers advanced, FDA-approved Premium Smart Lenses which can be implanted during surgery to further improve range of vision. These include Tecnis™, ReZoom™ and ReSTOR® multifocal lenses, and the Crystalens® accommodating lens.

Dr. Labor and his associates can offer guidance as to which type of lens is best for you, and scheduling an evaluation is as simple as a phone call. This is an important first step to knowing if a patient has cataracts. If it is cataracts, the next step is to make an informed decision to ensure the best results. Call 877-516-4364 or email us to learn more.