First to offer unprecedented technology to improve cataract surgery results.

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We are proud to be the first ophthalmology practice in Dallas/Fort Worth to offer ORange®, the world’s first technology providing real time measurements of vision quality during cataract surgery. Before, surgeons had to often wait weeks or even months after the procedure to determine surgery accuracy. ORange delivers more accurate results at the moment it matters most – during the procedure – and can be customized to a patient’s eyes. It can also help improve astigmatism correction and premium lens implant accuracy, which may further reduce dependency on glasses after cataract surgery.

Here’s how ORange basically works. During surgery, a beam of low intensity light is directed into the eye. The light reflects off of the retina, and the reflected light that exits the eye is analyzed. This more accurately measures all of the eye’s unique optical characteristics to assess its capability to focus.

Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is a leading cataract surgeon and considered one of the most innovative premium lens surgeons in the U.S. He has been among the first to introduce new technologies and procedures many times before. Patients can take comfort in his expertise using new ORange technology, and rest assured he has their best interest at heart.

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