Dr. Labor Selected To Evaluate New Cataract Surgery Device

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As part of our goal to offer Dallas/Fort Worth cataract patients the latest technology, Eye Consultants of Texas founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD has agreed to be among a select group of U.S. surgeons chosen to evaluate a new device called Xpand. Officially referred to as an “iris speculum,” it was developed to improve dilation of the pupil which is necessary during all cataract procedures to remove the clouded lens.

The Xpand was invented primarily for special cases where the pupil is constricted or unusually small. Not only was it designed to expand to wider dimensions than similar devices, but also to be implanted and removed more gently to minimize post-surgery complications.

Dr. Labor was selected by Diamatrix®, inventor of the Xpand. Diamatrix® is one of modern day cataract surgery’s earliest innovators, beginning with its revolutionary Trapezoid diamond blade. Today, it is a leading manufacturer of innovative ophthalmic devices and instruments used worldwide.

“I’m honored a company like Diamatrix included me in such a small group of highly respected surgeons to evaluate the Xpand,” said Dr. Labor. “To date, other evaluations have been positive, and I’m eager to see the potential of what this new device can possibly do for our patients.”

Dr. Labor has been at the forefront of cataract surgery advancements in the U.S. and locally. In addition to Xpand, he has been specially chosen to evaluate premium lens technologies by Bausch & Lomb. He was also the first Dallas/Fort Worth eye surgeon to use the ORange (now ORA), the first technology that allows for measuring cataract surgery results during the procedure.