Crystalens and Florence Henderson’s Cataract Experience

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Eye Consultants of Texas has provided Crystalens® for years. Founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, a leading Dallas/Fort Worth Crystalens specialist, was one of a select few U.S. ophthalmologists chosen to evaluate the latest Crystalens advancement – Crystalens AO.

Developed by Bausch & Lomb, Crystalens is the only FDA-approved Accommodating Intraocular Lens (IOL), and designed mainly for cataract patients. It treats the cataract while correcting a patient’s full range of vision, which can greatly reduce the need for reading glasses.

Florence Henderson, famous TV mom and Dancing With The Stars performer, is the official spokesperson for Crystalens. Her own experience with cataracts prompted discussions with her doctor about Crystalens. Now with much clearer vision, a satisfied Henderson said, “Surgery was simple, easy and quick. What was really exciting was the immediate improvement I experienced. Colors are brighter, the sharpness and clarity of my vision are very noticeable, and the blurriness that bothered me is all gone. I can see clearly up close, in-between and far away. It’s wonderful.”

Crystalens is unlike standard IOL’s in that the lens moves naturally with the eye, which allows the patient to focus on objects at varying depths. This dynamic fit means Crystalens adjusts to each patient’s needs, providing clearer vision at close, intermediate and far distances.

Dr. Phillips Kirk Labor has performed numerous successful Crystalens procedures over the years. In addition to evaluating Crystalens AO, Bausch & Lomb also selected him to appear as a guest panelist at the American Academy of Ophthalmology conference. Held in Chicago, October 16, the panel focused on helping ophthalmology practices provide the best care for their Crystalens patients. He notes, “Crystalens is ideal for cataract patients and represents how we continually strive to provide the most advanced vision correction technology available.”