Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is the founder and owner of Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine, Texas. He is an experienced LASIK surgeon and welcomes all patients for a free consultation to see if they are a candidate for LASIK. LASIK is also known as laser vision correction surgery and there are many factors to be a candidate. If you currently wear or have the need for glasses you may be a candidate. There is a lot of guidance on what needs to occur before LASIK surgery, but here at Eye Consultants of Texas, we want to shed light on what to expect after the surgery as well. During LASIK, our experienced surgeon will be making a flap with your cornea and then returning the flap to the correct placement. It will be very fragile and that is why the following protocol is to be taken.

Expectations After LASIK:

  1. Imedditeally after surgery, go home and take a nap for four hours or longer. This is crucial to give your eyes time to adjust from the procedure and heal.
  2. Do not rub or touch your eyes at all for a week, and up to a month
  3. Do not wear any eye makeup for a week
  4. Stay consistent with your eye drops and ensure you are taking each one at the designated time. Dr. Labor will be prescribing you multiple different drops and each has a schedule of their own. Make sure to follow each accordingly.
  5. Do not get any water near or in your eyes
  6. Make sure to come in for your one-day post-op as well as your one-week post-op appointment. Dr. Labor will ensure that your flap is healing properly.
  7. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to our office and Dr. Labor is more than happy to help

Our office has a state of the art LASIK suite that is more than comfortable for each and every patient. If you are interested in getting LASIK for you or a loved one, call our office today and get scheduled for your free consultation.