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We always ask our Dallas/Fort Worth patients if they would mind completing our Patient Satisfaction Survey. This is totally anonymous so patients will feel comfortable sharing their most candid feedback. Naturally, we pay more attention to any areas where we need to do better. But like any business, we are extremely proud to know when we have excelled. Here are just a few stand out comments from individual surveys as each patient wrote them:

“Without a doubt I will refer all of my friends and family to y’all!! The phone call from the nurse after my surgery that afternoon was great. I almost fell out of my chair at 8:40 PM that night when Dr. Labor’s mobile number came up on my Caller ID! What a wonderful, personal touch. Meant millions!”

“My first procedure went so well that I had no concerns for the second. I was impressed with the care the staff gave all the patients.”

“I have never witnessed any medical facility exert as much effort in caring for its patients. I mean, I have never heard of a surgeon calling a patient at 9:00 in the evening with concerns about their condition. OUTSTANDING!”

“I felt like I was a VIP – I have never been at a doctor’s office (in 60 years) and cared for by so many friendly, CARING, professional staff and nurses! God bless you all and thank you for taking care of cry babies!!!”

“Your operation/services are better than [what] is considered normal in our ‘modern’ world!”

“It was like a dance, every step was in place. Everyone knew what to do and when. Thank you for the care. Great job.”

One patient even compared us to his favorite musician:

“Yanni is one of the world’s best composers and always finds top talent to support his work; and he’s clearly at the top of his game. He reminds me of you and your surgical team. Both of my eyes now have similar, amazing vision and I never experienced any pain, or discomfort of any kind. These surgeries have also been very minor disruptions in my schedule, which surprised me. I only wish I had accomplished it much sooner. Thank you for sharing such great talent.”

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