New online system gives us immediate patient feedback

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Now our Dallas/Fort Worth opthalmology patients can provide electronic feedback via special tablets while in our office. It’s easier for the patient, helps us quickly see how we’re doing, and reveals where we need to improve in more detail. For example, patients can rate us on a scale of 1 to 100 based on 4 categories:

• Were you able to schedule your appointment according to your needs?
• Please rate your check-in process.
• Please rate the overall experience that you had with your doctor(s).
• Please rate your experience with our check-out staff.

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Patients can also provide comments which are listed under “appear to be requests,” “appear to be positive,” and “appear to be negative.” We’re happy to report that most scores have been 95 to 100, and most comments positive. A negative generates an alert telling us it requires attention. In one recent example, a comment was posted from a patient who had not gotten a response to calls and an email. We were able to immediately contact the patient, remedy the issue, and the patient appreciated the call.

Here are a few actual comments patients have shared:

“I really enjoy coming to your office!!! The staff is professional, smart and truly delightful!!!”
“Too cold in here”
“Long wait but I love the people”
“Deb was awesome”
“I appreciate everyone’s attitude”

By allowing patients to share their experience in the moment we can get immediate candid feedback. At Eye Consultants of Texas we take every comment very seriously, and we look forward to how this can progress our improvement process forward in the future.