Innovative new surgical instruments bear Dr. Labor’s name

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Noted Fort Worth and Dallas eye surgeon Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, has his name associated with three innovative new cataract surgical instruments on the market. Manufactured by industry leader Katena Products, Inc., each is based on modification by Dr. Labor of an existing instrument to accommodate patients with smaller or deeper set eyes. Based on Dr. Labor’s modifications, the instruments are designed for surgeons to more easily handle in performing certain procedures during cataract surgery, as well as for improved efficiency, precision, and patient safety.

It is a distinction few eye surgeons have achieved, which reflects the Eye Consultants of Texas founder’s devotion to innovation as key to continually improved outcomes. “No doubt, this is a tremendous honor,” Dr. Labor said. “When originally modifying these instruments, however, I had the patient and only the patient in mind.”
The three instruments with the “Labor” name are part of Katena’s full product line, and include:

Labor A/C Cannula
The Labor A/C Cannula is designed for positioning an intraocular lens (IOL) without damaging the optic. From Dr. Labor’s modification, it uses a thinner 26 gauge, with lightly textured tip to further enhance this benefit for the surgeon.

Labor-Lester IOL Manipulator
The Labor-Lester IOL Manipulator is an angled instrument for use with intraoperative diagnostic equipment, such as the ORA System. Because of ORA’s revolutionary configuration, this reduces working space under the microscope. Dr. Labor’s modification shortens the handle to 29mm in order to solve this issue.

Labor Cyclodialysis Spatula
From Dr. Labor’s modification, the Labor Cyclodialysis Spatula has a slightly vaulted 0.5mm wide surface with beveled tip and short handle. It’s designed for use with intraoperative diagnostic equipment that reduces working space under the microscope.

Katena Products, Inc. is the largest independently owned American company dedicated exclusively to ophthalmic surgical instrumentation, serving over 7,000 customers in the U.S., and more than 100 countries around the world. To learn more, visit