Here’s What People are Saying about our LASIK

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We recently released a video featuring testimonials from Eye Consultants of Texas patients who had LASIK performed by Dr. Labor. This follows another video we released last Summer featuring Dr. Labor’s Premium Smart Lens patients from around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This one, however, was a bit unique in that one of the LASIK patients was interviewed just before her LASIK procedure as well as several months later, and includes footage from her actual surgery. Just like our premium lens video, this one was non-scripted. We wanted our patients to openly and honestly share their experiences – what they felt and expected, as well as how LASIK has impacted their lives.

LASIK surgery has made tremendous strides over the years. The technology continues to gets better, improving precision, surgery time and recovery. In the comfort of our offices, Dr. Labor combines the advanced IFS™ Femtosecond Laser with VISX® technology for an all-laser procedure called iLASIK, designed to increase comfort and safety while achieving the best possible outcome.

Yet no matter how much LASIK surgery advances, the need for genuine “old fashioned” care will never change. Dr. Labor is well-known for his strong devotion to every patient, which is evident in our videos. We are extremely grateful to all patients who have taken the time to share their stories on camera.