Dr. Labor’s article about revolutionary cataract surgery technology

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Recently, Dr. Labor published a new article in What Doctors Know, the new national healthcare publication available on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK reader. The article, “Vivid Results For Cataract Surgery Like Never Before,” discusses the advanced ORange® technology, and how it has dramatically changed the accuracy of measuring cataract surgery results.

The Eye Consultants of Texas founder is well qualified to speak on the subject. Dr. Labor was the first Dallas/Fort Worth eye surgeon to use this technology, which is growing in popularity nationwide. As he states in the article, “Without question, technology has reduced the time it takes to perform a cataract procedure. But until recently, one critical component was missing: Surgeons were not able to evaluate surgery results in the operating room, during the procedure.”

ORange is the first “Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometer” that provides real-time measurements of the eye during cataract surgery. In detail, Dr. Labor describes what this is and how it works, in a way the average person can understand. As always, he advises how important it is have a thorough evaluation before any surgical procedure, “to provide a clearer picture of your overall health.”

Find out more about the NOOK, so you can access What Doctors Know.

Please Note: WaveTec Vision, developer of this technology, announced that ORange will change to ORA, with planned enhancements designed to further benefit the patient. Eye Consultants of Texas will update its website and patient information as soon as possible.