The curious metal art object on our wall, explained

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Part of building our new Grapevine facility in 2010 included a commissioned piece of art to further add a more interesting, less clinic-like environment for our patients. If you’ve ever been to our office, it’s not hard to miss. It’s located in the main hallway leading to our exam rooms with various eye care instruments, eye charts, and Eye Consultants of Texas elements in steel.

Since we unveiled this piece of art we’ve had lots of questions, including “how was that done,” and “was it hard to do?” The entire piece is actually made up of several individual pieces installed on the wall to create a textured effect. Each was hand drawn onto steel, cut out with a water torch, then finished to give it a copper-like appearance to coordinate with the copper throughout our building.

We simply wanted something different without being too “out there.” We’re glad our patients appreciate that it helps makes our Opthalmology office feel less like a medical facility; especially since it’s made of steel, and not so easy to remove!