Another technological first for Eye Consultants of Texas

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We are excited to announce that we are the first practice in Dallas/Fort Worth, and Texas, to commercially acquire the Verion™ Image Guided System. The Verion is a fairly recent advancement used in refractive, or “laser-assisted,” cataract surgery. It starts to work at the planning phase to help the surgeon optimize accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire procedure.

Many experts see refractive cataract surgery as a potential game changer. The Verion is designed to help optimize the entire refractive procedure for even better results.

Basically, the Verion creates a detailed map of the eye’s unique features. This is done before cataract surgery, to provide data that allows for more precise placement of the intraocular lens during surgery.

To break this down further, the Verion works this way: A high-resolution image is taken of the patient’s eye, mapping out important details and measurements. This “map” is used by Dr. Labor to more efficiently plan and customize each step of the procedure. The Verion can provide for a more precise incision, as well as for more accurate positioning and alignment of the intraocular lens.

In addition, Dr. Labor can use the Verion in concert with the LenSx® cataract refractive suite and Centurion® Vision System to enhance surgery results even more. These technologies play a specific role related to the basic steps required in cataract surgery: incision, removal of the cataract, and placement of the artificial (intraocular) lens. The LenSx is used for a more precise incision using the femtosecond laser. The Centurion is used for more efficient break up and removal of the cataract. And the Verion helps Dr. Labor efficiently plan and map out the entire procedure.

If you have cataracts or suspect you do, call our office locally at 817-410-2030 for an appointment. Our team of doctors can further explain if you can benefit from these technologies, and what they can do for you. We’re located just off Highway 114 in Grapevine, convenient to Dallas/Fort Worth.