Premium smart lens patients the real stars of our latest video

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Eye Consultants of Texas has just launched a new video featuring actual Fort Worth metro area patients telling their stories. These patients had premium smart lens implants as part of their cataract surgery or as a clear lens extraction. More specifically, these included Crystalens, ReSTOR and AcrySof Toric lens patients.

The video was intentionally unscripted to allow a patient to simply talk and feel comfortable in sharing their story. The goal was to get true heartfelt stories, and to genuinely capture each patient’s expressions and individual personality.

“We are beyond pleased,” Dr. Labor said. “It was very gratifying to see my patients speak so freely about how well they were treated by me, and, more importantly, how happy they were with my staff.” Each patient agreed to appear without compensation, to which Dr. Labor added, “The fact that they voluntarily gave of their time is, in many ways, what means the most. I can’t thank them enough!”

To learn more about Crystalens, ReSTOR, AcrySof Toric or other premium smart lenses we offer, please call our Grapevine office at 877-516-4364. We are conveniently located to all of Dallas/Fort Worth.