February marks low vision awareness month and Dr. Labor here at Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine, TX wants to bring awareness to this mostly unknown cause. A lot of the population of patients our office sees does not know what low vision is and wed are here to explain that to you. Low vision occurs to people that cannot be fixed by wearing glasses and contacts, it goes beyond that. It occurs when your vision gets to the degree where you struggle with daily tasks such as reading a book, playing on your phone, cooking dinner, or even being able to recognize the person in front of you. When a person puts on glasses and contacts with a prescription and still cannot see to the extent they should be that is when we would like the patient to come into our office to get tested for low vision.

This condition typically occurs with age and can worsen over time, but glasses and contacts alone will not help fix this condition. You may have low vision if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty reading
  • Unable to see faces up close
  • Cannot partake in normal daily hobbies
  • Vision is blurry on a daily basis

If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms above you may have low vision and our staff here at Eye Consultants of Texas would like to review you as a patient. While once the vision is lost, it is actually unable to restore the vision we can help prevent it from getting any worse. The way to do this is to maintain constant screenings and our doctor and technicians can help you adapt to the new vision that you have.

Eye Consultants of Texas is conveniently located in Grapevine, Texas with a satellite location in Fort Worth. Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is the experienced surgeon and founder who is an expert in cataract and LASIK surgery. If you believe you may be a patient with low vision please contact our office as soon as possible to set up an appointment to learn more about what we can do for you.