When are you too old to have LASIK?

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We continue to grow in the number of LASIK procedures we perform on patients across Dallas/Fort Worth. The question of age, understandably, is one that comes up often in potential LASIK patients. Starting at the minimum required age of 18, LASIK can generally be performed at any age.

The biggest issues that determines if someone is a LASIK candidate? Eye health and general health. There can’t be any presence of cataracts or glaucoma for example. Additional considerations: a family history of corneal disorders, diabetes or other eye disorders.

As our eyes get older, we’re more likely to develop specific conditions, such as cataracts. This is why LASIK is more commonly performed on patients into their 40’s and younger. LASIK, however, can correct the gradual need for reading glasses (called presbyopia) that’s so common after age 40. This may involve a type of added treatment called “monovision,” which often applies to special cases.

“The main thing to keep in mind is that a surgeon should carefully, and diligently, examine every potential LASIK candidate to see if there will be even the slightest problem,” said Eye Consultants of Texas founder, Phillips Kirk Labor, MD. “This is to get the absolute best results regardless of age.”

In recent years, Baby Boomers have been increasingly requesting LASIK. This generation is living longer, and wanting to look younger is more common than ever before. LASIK can be performed on someone into their 70’s or even older. Again, it all depends on your health and the surgeon who is caring for you.

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