LASIK: What’s Most Important To Know Today?

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LASIK received official FDA approval more than a decade ago, although its beginnings go back several years earlier. It was developed as a way to correct mainly nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism to help do away with the need to wear glasses and contact lenses. Eye Consultants of Texas, serving the great Fort Worth region, founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD and his staff are addressing what most benefits LASIK patients today.

Understandably, patients always want to know how much LASIK costs since it is not covered by insurance. Quite often, you’ll see LASIK promoted at an unbelievably low price. Yet the real value behind this procedure is the technology used, your Fort Worth eye surgeon’s knowledge and how you’re cared for from your first exam to post-op.

Typically, an amazingly low price is based on very specific circumstances. It’s not uncommon to respond to one of these ads, be evaluated and discover that the price is much higher than advertised because it doesn’t apply to you. Eye Consultants of Texas doesn’t engage in this type of “come-on” pricing, but our fees are in line with other practices found throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. We’re honest and up front about the costs once you’ve been evaluated.

Knowledge and experience are critical on the technology used as well as LASIK expertise. Here’s something else to consider: the number of surgeries a doctor has performed. On one hand, if a surgeon has performed a high number of surgeries, this translates to experience. On the other hand, if the surgeon is trying to perform as many as possible this may not translate to proper patient care and attention. Sometimes this is the case when an amazingly low price is involved. All things considered, the technology is most effective if the surgeon understands it, is experienced and applies essential doctor-patient care.

At Eye Consultants of Texas we believe the decision to have LASIK should be made like any other healthcare decision. It’s one you should make with your doctor. It starts with an evaluation to see if you’re a LASIK candidate, which you can schedule by calling our Grapevine office.