Cost of LASIK versus glasses or contacts

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Since the first LASIK technology was FDA-approved, well over a decade ago, LASIK has gone from little known treatment to household name. If you’ve depended on glasses or contacts for most of your life, chances are that you’re familiar with LASIK’s benefits. Our LASIK patients across Dallas/Fort Worth certainly come to us more savvy about this procedure than ever before.

There are the obvious benefits. LASIK is a simple procedure that can add years of improved vision. However, although LASIK is elective (and not covered by insurance), there can be cost benefits as well. On average, LASIK can actually cost less than wearing glasses or contacts over time. Naturally, this can depend on things like how often you have to buy contacts or change your prescription; related doctor visits, and the age you have LASIK performed.

Costs can vary between patients, depending on what is actually required. This is where a thorough eye exam becomes so important. It ensures you’re a LASIK candidate, and helps to pinpoint what needs to be done. More importantly, it takes your vision and overall health into consideration, and allows our doctors to give you the full story.

To get a basic idea of costs versus glasses or contacts, click on the iLASIK Calculator on our LASIK page. To learn more or to set up an appointment, please call our Metro Dallas offices in Grapevine at 817-410-2030.