The importance of eye surgery follow-up is easy to see

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Eye Consultants of Texas has always treated eye care as important as any other healthcare need. This may seem obvious, but LASIK, for example, tends to be marketed these days like a retail product. In other words, like the deal of the week with an amazingly low price, which often only applies to a small percentage of patients.

Whether it’s LASIK, cataracts with premium lens implants, or a more complex procedure, Dr. Labor, and his team of doctors and staff, treat post-surgery follow-up very seriously. At Eye Consultants of Texas, our follow-up actually begins before surgery. This is when we tell our patients what they will need to do, things they can and can’t do, and which medications to use. They know what to expect and when everything needs to happen.

Eye surgery isn’t different than any other surgery. There is a healing process involved, and sticking to a well-planned post-surgery routine can certainly yield the best outcomes.