EyeCare America® Participation

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EyeCare America® helps to eliminate certain out-of-pocket costs for qualified seniors or those most at risk for glaucoma. Recognizing the need to give back, Eye Consultants of Texas founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD has been a proud EyeCare America participant for several years. 

Sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, EyeCare America is one of the leading public service organizations in the U.S. It has helped more than 2 million people through a network of nearly 5,000 volunteer ophthalmologists, with 90% of care provided at no cost to the patient.

Promoting Early Detection

When it comes to vision health, early detection by an ophthalmologist is crucial for anyone at any age. Seniors and those predisposed for glaucoma are among those most in need of regular medical eye exams. By assisting financially, EyeCare America’s goal is to motivate more people in these risk groups to get their eyes checked on a regular basis. 

Patients must qualify based on certain requirements, including financial need. EyeCare America then connects the patient with a volunteer ophthalmologist (like Dr. Labor) through the following programs:

Seniors Program: Eligible patients over 65 receive a thorough medical eye exam and up to one year of followup for any diagnosed condition detected during the initial exam.

Glaucoma Program: Eligible patients who are uninsured receive a thorough glaucoma eye exam to detect any signs and symptoms of this disease. 

Do You Know Someone Who Might Qualify?

Click here to visit the EyeCare America website to learn more about the organization, its programs, and eligibility requirements.