Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

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Imagine having a procedure that can actually prevent cataracts later in life, while significantly reducing your dependence on glasses and contacts. That’s what a Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) can do, and Dr. Labor has helped hundreds of our Dallas/Fort Worth patients achieve it – including his wife, a medical doctor and practicing radiologist.

CLE can correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, as well as age-related presbyopia (requiring readers to see up close). It’s designed for patients before they reach cataract age, or those of cataract age before a cataract has developed, who aren’t eligible for LASIK, PRK, or implantable contact lenses like Visian or Verisyse. Yet the goal of CLE is similar to these treatments: to reduce dependency on glasses or contacts you’ve had to wear most, if not all, of your life.

How CLE Works

CLE involves the same basic procedure as cataract surgery lens replacement. Your natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens, or Premium Smart Lens as we refer to it. In addition, just like cataract surgery, CLE is performed in minutes and one of the safest procedures you can have. There is little or no discomfort and recovery time is similar, meaning you can usually resume normal activities within just a few days, and most patients can drive within one week.


When You Can Have CLE Performed

CLE is typically performed on people beginning in their 40s who experience vision problems with age, as long as they don’t have cataracts. While we think of cataract age as 60 or older, although rare, cataracts can appear earlier in life. This is why we perform a thorough exam and the most extensive testing you’ll find anywhere to determine if you’re a candidate. 

How CLE Can Prevent Cataracts

It’s estimated that by age 70 everyone in this country either has a cataract or has had cataract surgery performed. Replacing your lens before you have a cataract prevents it from developing later while correcting other vision problems you may have experienced your entire life.

Your Intraocular Lens Choices

We offer a wide range of the latest IOLs available. Some may be better suited to your specific condition, while some simply come with more “bells and whistles”. Dr. Labor is regarded as one of the most innovative IOL surgeons in the U.S., having been the first in Dallas/Fort Worth to implant the revolutionary RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens, and the first in North America to implant the advanced RayOne EMV. Click here to learn about the Premium Smart Lenses that we offer.

Any surgery comes with risks, and at Eye Consultants of Texas your overall health, eye health and safety always come first. Dr. Labor or any of our doctors can discuss the risks and benefits to determine if CLE is the right choice for you. Call our office at 817-410-2030 for an appointment and to learn more, or you can schedule an appointment online. Our Grapevine office is conveniently located to anywhere in Dallas/Fort Worth.