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When are you too old to have LASIK?

We continue to grow in the number of LASIK procedures we perform on patients across Dallas/Fort Worth. The question of age, understandably, is one that comes up often in potential LASIK patients. Starting at the minimum required age of 18, LASIK can generally be performed at any age. The biggest issues that determines if someone… Read More

Everything you ever wanted to know about LASIK

Spring is in full bloom all over Dallas/Fort Worth. So wouldn’t it be nice to see the roses you’ve stopped to smell? If you’re tired of depending on glasses and contacts, we’ll give you the real scoop on LASIK at our Spring LASIK Event, Tuesday, April 23 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at our… Read More

Simplifying LASIK Basics – Part 4: Trusting Your Doctor

Although relatively simple, LASIK is surgery. So like any medical procedure, finding a reputable, skilled surgeon you can trust is important to your outcome. Dr. Labor, our doctors, and staff all work to earn the trust of our Dallas/Fort Worth patients by taking the time to understand their overall health, particular condition, and only provide… Read More

Simplifying LASIK Basics – Part 2: What’s Involved

Welcome to the second in our Simplifying LASIK Basics series. In this edition, we’ll highlight what the procedure’s like and types of LASIK in a way that should keep it simple. Hopefully it can help you determine what types of questions to ask your doctor as part of your decision to have LASIK performed. What’s… Read More

Shopping for LASIK? Want a chance to win the NEW iPad Mini?

Attend our How To Shop For LASIK event November 13, 6:30-7:30 PM. It’s almost gift-giving season. If you have to depend on glasses or contacts every day, LASIK could be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Whether you’ve been shopping for LASIK or not, our How To Shop event can help you… Read More

Simplifying LASIK Basics – Part 1: Starting Points

As we’ve mentioned here before, LASIK has become a household word to anyone relying on glasses or contact lenses for everyday things. There’s no shortage of info out there, and much of it can be confusing, or written like an owner’s manual. At Eye Consultants of Texas, we cover the bases in educating our Dallas/Fort… Read More

Cost of LASIK versus glasses or contacts

Since the first LASIK technology was FDA-approved, well over a decade ago, LASIK has gone from little known treatment to household name. If you’ve depended on glasses or contacts for most of your life, chances are that you’re familiar with LASIK’s benefits. Our LASIK patients across Dallas/Fort Worth certainly come to us more savvy about… Read More

What to expect when considering LASIK

If you’ve ever considered LASIK here in Dallas / Fort Worth, the first thought might have been, “what can I expect?” Like a lot of medical procedures, LASIK surgery has advanced and improved over the years. Today, LASIK is allowing more patients to become less dependent on glasses or contact lenses. It’s not uncommon for… Read More

Need a great holiday gift idea? How about iLASIK?

It’s that time of year when we’re hitting the malls and surfing online to fill our holiday gift lists. Some gift ideas are easier than others. And quite often, what to give someone truly special can take a lot of thought – especially for the person “who has everything.” These days, more and more people… Read More

LASIK 101 seminars are back with another Rangers VIP ticket giveaway!

Eye Consultants of Texas is bringing back our series of Free LASIK 101 Seminars. What’s more, we’re giving away 4 more Cuervo Club level tickets. These are for the September 10 night game against Oakland and include indoor leather seating behind home plate, access to a full buffet and parking. Our LASIK 101 seminars are… Read More