Tecnis and ReZoom Lenses Provide Multi-Benefits to Cataract Patients

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Tecnis™ and ReZoom™ are two advanced multifocal lenses primarily designed for cataract surgery. Eye Consultants of Texas founder Phillips Kirk Labor, MD is a leading Dallas/Ft. Worth specialist on both Tecnis and ReZoom. Each can afford clearer vision at varying distances without eyeglasses or bifocals.

The Tecnis Multifocal Lens is unique in that cataract patients can see at any distance, again, without glasses. Tecnis not only enhances near, intermediate and far vision, it reduces nighttime side effects such as star bursts and glare. Dr. Labor was the first Ophthalmologist in Texas to implant the ReZoom lens, which can greatly reduce the dependency on eyeglasses or bifocals as well. It allows a full range of vision – near, intermediate and distance – and helps your eyes adjust to various light conditions.

The differences between Tecnis and ReZoom depends on each patient’s needs, and Dr. Labor provides guidance as to which is best following a thorough evaluation. Call 877-516-4364 or email us to learn more.