Study Shows ORA Can Improve Toric Lens Outcomes

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Eye Consultants of Texas was the first Dallas/Fort Worth practice to use what is now the ORA System – the first intraoperative abberometer technology that provides real-time measurements of the eye during cataract surgery. On January 1, 2014, an Ophthalmology Times online article appeared about a study which showed ORA technology significantly improves refractive and visual outcomes after toric intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.

According to the article, “Intraoperative Aberrometry Adds Value in Toric IOL Surgery”, the study was conducted by Kathryn Hatch, MD and the clinical faculty at Brown Alpert Medical School in Providence, RI. The study compared traditional toric IOL implantation on 27 eyes with toric IOL implantation on 37 eyes where ORA’s intraoperative aberrometer was used.

The article outlines various postoperative measurements taken in the study approximately two months after surgery, stating that 67% of the aberrometry group and 39% of the traditional group achieving “unaided” distance vision of 20/25 or better.

Dr. Hatch was quoted in the article as saying, “We conducted this study because to our knowledge, there is no report in the peer-reviewed literature evaluating the use of intraoperative aberrometry with toric IOLs. Use of intraoperative aberrometry to guide intraoperative decisions improves outcomes.”

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