Our First Crystalens Workshop And Brunch A Huge Success

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The first Eye Consultants of Texas Crystalens Workshop and Brunch was recently held June 29, 2013 at our Grapevine offices. This was open to anyone who had a Crystalens® intraocular lens (IOL) implant or is considering Crystalens. In addition, area Optometrists who managed Crystalens patients were also invited.

We are very proud that over 50 people attended who were eager to learn how to get the most out of Crystalens implants. What’s more, many of our guests requested that we do this again, and often.

Starting at 10:00 AM, guests were treated to a free brunch. This allowed people from across Dallas/Fort Worth to meet, share experiences, and discuss their common interest in Crystalens. This was followed by Eye Consultants of Texas founder, Phillips Kirk Labor, MD who discussed the importance of eye exercises and other important aspects for improving post-surgery results. Also appearing was his wife, Dr. Penny Labor, a Crystalens patient herself, who discussed her own procedure and post-surgery experiences.

Patty Turknett, one of Dr. Labor’s Crystalens patients in attendance, said of the event:

“Thanks for taking the time to explain our cataract surgery and for providing a testimony for the Crystalens. It was very informative and interesting. I’m inspired to take my glasses off during my work day. When I walked out to my car [after the event], there was a pair of reading glasses on the ground, so someone must have thrown them down! It was a great visual for me to do the same thing literally.” 

Dr. Labor is considered one of the top Crystalens surgeons due to the number of successful procedures he has performed. Crystalens is the only FDA-approved accommodative presbyopia-correcting IOL that corrects cataracts and presbyopia (the need for “readers”) – “accommodative” meaning the lens moves naturally with the eye. Extremely effective, Crystalens allows for a more complete range of vision at near, intermediate and far distances than other lenses used today. Recently, manufacturer Bausch & Lomb introduced the TRULIGN Crystalens Toric IOL, which allows for a broader range of vision while correcting astigmatism and presbyopia at the same time. We now offer TRULIGN, which is the first FDA-approved toric lens of its kind.

Look for more information coming about future Crystalens Workshop and Brunch events, as well as the new TRULIGN™ Crystalens Toric IOL. In the meantime, call our office in Grapevine at 877-516-4364 to learn more. We’re conveniently located to both Dallas and Fort Worth.