ORA System™

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ORA System™ The ORA System™ advances an unprecedented cataract surgery technology we introduced to Dallas/Fort Worth.

Until recently, any surgeon would have to wait weeks after the cataract procedure to assess surgery accuracy. In 2011, Eye Consultants of Texas was the first DFW practice to change all that when we introduced an unprecedented technology called ORange®. It allows Dr. Labor to measure surgery accuracy during the procedure, fully customized to each patient’s eyes.

The inventor of the ORange®, WaveTec Vision, has since made several enhancements and changed the name to ORA System™.

Enhances Dr. Labor’s ability to assess vision quality during surgery

During the procedure, Dr. Labor instantly knows the eye’s imperfections caused by the cataract, what adjustments to make, and how to customize the entire procedure to each patient. ORA further advances the precision, accuracy, and consistency of what ORange® offers for the absolute best outcome. In addition, it’s also designed to improve premium lens implant accuracy, no matter what lens is selected.

What ORA does for Dr. Labor makes a huge difference for you

Phillips Kirk Labor, MD was the first Dallas/Fort Worth eye surgeon to use ORange® technology. He has since performed numerous procedures and is considered a leading authority on this technology. Now Dr. Labor can make even more informed surgical decisions to further improve cataract surgery accuracy for who matters most: our patients.

We’re proud to have been the first in Dallas/Fort Worth to offer this amazing type of technology, and excited to offer the newer, advanced ORA System. If you think you have cataracts, please contact our office at 817-410-2030 for a cataract screening. We’ll tell you more about how ORA can deliver vivid results like never before.