LENSAR Laser System

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Eye surgeons use lasers for the most advanced vision correction procedures, but did you know that not all lasers are created equal? At Eye Consultants of Texas, we use the LENSAR Laser System during laser-assisted cataract surgery.

This is the most precise and high-tech laser available for eligible patients seeking laser-assisted cataract surgery in Fort Worth and Grapevine. 

What Is the LENSAR Laser?

The LENSAR Laser is a next-generation femtosecond laser. This femtosecond laser allows eye surgeons to remove your cataracts in a more precise and informed way.

The LENSAR Laser with Augmented Reality includes technology that uses a unique imaging system to create a 3-D view of your eye. This imaging system guides ophthalmologists when designing a tailored plan and treatment of your cataract during the procedure.

It can also help your surgeon correct astigmatism while performing cataract surgery. For patients with astigmatism, this reduces the need to wear glasses after cataract surgery.

How Does the LENSAR Laser work?

When our surgeons perform cataract surgery at our Grapevine and Fort Worth locations, they use the LENSAR Laser’s Augmented Reality to create a high-resolution, 3-D image of your eye. This 3-D image lets them know exactly where the LENSAR Laser needs to place laser pulses to remove the cloudy natural lens.

High accuracy is essential because it affects how your new IOL will be positioned in the eye. Improperly aligned IOLs can negatively impact your vision after the procedure.

The laser then targets the cataract, eliminating or reducing the need for using ultrasonic energy to break it apart. The result is the potential for fewer complications and a faster recovery. 

If you have astigmatism, your surgeon can use the laser to make exact, minuscule incisions on your eye to reshape it or use the precise incision made on your lens to place a toric IOL.

How Is the LENSAR Laser Different Than Other Femtosecond Lasers?

The LENSAR Laser:

● Has proprietary imaging technology that creates a 3-D model of your eye’s anatomy. Our surgeons use this information to guide them when performing cataract surgery

● Has the ability to deliver LASIK-like visual improvements for patients with astigmatism

● Is the only femtosecond laser that can categorize your cataract level. This can decrease how much laser energy is needed to remove the cataract. Less energy used could mean fewer complications and a faster recovery

● Provides greater patient comfort through an interface that mirrors that eye’s natural shape when preventing eye movement.

What Are the Benefits of Using the LENSAR Laser over other Femtosecond Lasers?

The LENSAR Laser’s unique Augmented Reality imaging system lets your eye doctor look at your eye in detail before they even create an incision. Eye surgeons use this information to better plan your surgery.

This can include where the lens should be cut for removal, how much energy, if any, is needed to soften your cataract, the best approach to correct astigmatism, and how to perfectly place your new IOL for clear vision. The result is a highly accurate and state-of-the-art cataract surgery that allows you to have your best possible vision. 

Considering laser-assisted cataract surgery? Schedule an appointment at Eye Consultants of Texas in Grapevine, TX to discuss your best treatment options!