About Your Cataract Evaluation

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When you have your cataract evaluation at Eye Consultants of Texas, here is what you should expect when you get called back.


Before we begin doing any testing, we get to know patients and begin to understand why they’re coming to see us. With every patient, we will take general and ocular health history, considering factors such as family history of illness and current medications. Ocular symptoms are detailed, and we will often take general healthcare measurements, e.g. blood pressure.


Medicated eye drops will dilate the eye, making the pupil large, which will enable your eye doctor to thoroughly examine the eye’s lens to determine whether or not a cataract is present.


Once dilation is complete, we will perform a slit lamp and ophthalmoscopy examination. This exam will allow us to see if you have a cataract and determine how mature your cataract is. We will explain the steps of cataract surgery to you, as well as any options (laser cataract surgery, premium smart lens options) available to you. Understand that cataract surgery is a procedure that is covered by Medicare and all reputable medical insurances. However, some elective aspects of cataract surgery may not be covered by your insurance.